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Leaves and debris build up within months, and cause serious defects


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Why your Church needs a GutterClear visit...

GutterClear is a pioneering scheme to keep churches in the Gloucestershire area in good condition.  It could save your church tens of thousands of pounds.

Every year, churches in Gloucestershire pay out thousands of pounds for major repairs - many of which could have been avoided if gutters, downpipes and drains had been kept clear of debris like leaves, twigs, litter and other obstructions.

A single tree can shed 200,000 leaves in a year.  if not dealt with, the resulting blocked gutters overflow over (or into) the fabric of the church every time it rains, soaking masonry and woodwork, starting wet- and dry-rot, beetle attack, mould...and many more defects.  Putting these right can cost a minimum of 20 times the cost of a maintenance visit, within five years.

For a fixed, agreed price, a professional team clears out all the gutters and downpipes of your church. They give you before and after photos, and report any other problems they see.

That’s why dozens of Gloucestershire churches are now making use of the GutterClear service.  It's voluntary, it's local - and it is spectacularly good value.

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Now in its ninth year, it has been set up by the Diocese of Gloucester, in collaboration with Maintain our Heritage, with the generous support of a number of private donors, and of English Heritage.

In fact, it's open to all other places of worship, of all faiths and denominations.

GutterClear: the first three years

To mark the successful completion of the first three years, we published a report.

GutterClear: the first three years highlights the scheme’s achievements and the lessons to be learnt.

Well over one hundred churches have taken part so far. The scheme has shown that such a maintenance service is needed, can be run successfully and is valued by its customers.

Thank you for your visit; please send this link to anyone who may be interested.